To place an order, the user must be registered. After registration, user account will be opened. Further orders will be carried out through this account. When registering the user specifies all the information marked as mandatory. Online store may also request other information required for the fulfillment of the order.

All products in our catalogue are sorted by category. The user selects the item and adds it to the order by clicking the corresponding button. Each product is accompanied by a brief description and the price. Product card may also contain an indication of any restrictions. If the product is a commodity restricted for trade in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, it cannot be sent by mail; to receive it, the buyer must visit Central Office of the company - operator of online store and provide all necessary licenses, permits, etc. Goods, limited in circulation, can be issued to the buyer only after verification of licenses, permits.

Price unit of the item in the catalogue is specified with the value added tax (VAT). VAT won’t be taken form legal entities and individual entrepreneurs – residents of EU countries (except the Republic of Estonia) – if a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur – buyer will provide the operator of the online store with a valid VAT number.

Delivery of the goods to be fulfilled after payment. Payment is made after placing of the order. Payment can be made either by bank transfer and credit cards. The buyer who has a status of a consumer may exercise the right for 50% advance payment. In this case, the goods cannot be sent by mail or courier, and the buyer needs to come to the Central Office of the operator of the online store for receipt and payment of the remainder.

The buyer who has the status of a consumer has the right to return the goods to the seller within 14 calendar days of receipt if the merchandise for any reason does not correspond to the needs and expectations of the buyer. In case of return the goods within 14 calendar days of receipt the price of the order will be fully refunded to the buyer excluding the cost of delivery. This rule only applies when purchasing products through the online store. In this case, the buyer undertakes to maintain the integrity and completeness of the product packaging.


Shipping is carried out after full payment. Shipping is organized by mail or courier. All items are properly packaged, listed and transferred to the carrier. The seller's liability for delivery of goods outside the Republic of Estonia shall terminate from the moment of the handing over of the goods to the carrier. When shipping of goods is in the Republic of Estonia, responsibility of the seller terminates with receipt of the goods by the buyer.

Cost of shipping is calculated automatically based on prices provided by the carriers.

The seller ships the goods to the carrier for shipping within 3 days from the moment of full payment for the goods. If the goods are not in stock, the seller contacts the buyer and specifies a different period of the handing over of the goods to the carrier. The buyer has the right to refuse from the order if the shipping time is not satisfied.



Warranty period depends on the status of the buyer.

The buyer that has the status of a general consumer, governed by legislation of the Republic of Estonia, has period for claims equal to 24 months. If the manufacturer warranty of the goods is longer than the term provided by law, manufacturer’s warranty will prevail.

For buyers who do not have the status of the consumer, the guarantee period is set by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer's guarantee period is stated in the product description or in the accompanying documents.

If there is a warranty claim, the buyer must notify seller immediately, describe the problem and send the goods together with documents certifying of acquisition, to the seller.

To return the goods to the buyer, as well as returned for warranty repair or replacement, and upon cancellation of the order within 14 days, the customer undertakes to fully equip the item, pack the goods in such a way as to ensure its safety during transportation and apply the necessary markings. The seller informs the Buyer about the timing of repair or replacement after receiving the goods.


Disputes are settled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia on the territory of the Republic of Estonia. The dispute shall be settled through negotiations.

If in the process of negotiating parties have not reached an agreement on the subject of the dispute, the dispute shall be submitted for the consideration of the Harju County Court.

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